The Sleeper Must Awaken

Wake up! The world around you seethes,

you see social injustice, but not just this,

political upheaval, economic despair.

Repair the bedrock that crumbles under your feet —

and yet you sleep.


I can see our economy once strong

now growing weak, so seek a solution

restitution from the pollution of little minds

behind the problems that we grapple with 

tackle it in the press, useless unless

we refuse to accept the precepts given us.

If we discuss, think, analyze, and create

we won’t need to wait until the next time

some talking head obfuscates what’s said.

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Tasting Iron


It was snowing that morning I remember

because there was a two-hour delay and I had just reset my alarm

The phone rang and I let the machine get it

her tremulous voice came over the speaker in the other room


“Call me when you get this

. . . it’s . . . well gimme a call.”


I knew what it was; there was no need to call her back


“You don’t have to come. It might not be . . . could be a false alarm”


“Do what you think is best . . . I’ll understand”


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