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The three categories of books I write in are YA Fantasy, Horror, and Poetry. You can find all of my books categorized here.  Keep checking them out because I will be updating this as more get published.

YA Fantasy

YA Fantasy

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Under the Shadow's Eye



She wanted to stop the nightmares–instead, she fed her brother to them.


Plagued by nightmares, Isabella Shaw is desperate for a good night’s sleep. When her father leaves for an emergency business trip, Isabella tries to help her restless brother calm down. She pretends to weave him a dream like her father used to do for her. What she doesn’t know is that dream-weaving is real, and her attempt goes horribly wrong. In the morning, Tucker is missing.


Attempting to weave herself into the same dream she gave her brother, Isabella, dropped in the middle of a war between the Dreamweavers and the Shadows, finds herself walking right into a trap. Now, to bring her brother home, she will need to face the nightmares head-on.


Travel with Isabella Shaw through the first book in the Dreamweaver Diaries series, and immerse yourself in the dream world, a place beyond the subconscious. This new dark fantasy series is perfect for readers looking to escape the ordinary world and meet some fascinating people along the way. Your next big journey lies on the edge of your dreams. Enjoy the adventure!

Depth of the Rebel's Stone Cover for  EB
Depths of the Rebels' Stone



In the depths of the dream world, knowing who to trust could be the end of everything. 

Hoping to be trained as a dreamweaver, Isabella Shaw finds a dreamer in trouble. When the rescue goes drastically wrong, she begins to question herself. With her confidence shaken and unable to justify her choices, Isabella is approached to help a dream weaver in distress. She doubts she's the right person, but you can't always wait for the right person when nobody else is around.

As the threat of Shadows grows and the darkness rises to meet her, Isabella's survival depends on mastering the rebel's stone, but that will only help if she learns that things are not always as they seem.

Discover more about the dreamworld with Isabella Shaw in book two of the Dreamweaver Diaries and immerse yourself in a place beyond our subconscious. In this dark fantasy series, perfect for readers looking to escape the ordinary world, your next big journey lies on the edge of your dreams. Enjoy the adventure! 

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Crossing Lines



Isabella Shaw has secrets and Kimi must face the Council of Dreamers if they ever hope to be true Dreamweavers. 

Paired with her enigmatic trainer Sharia who is tasked by the Council to make sure the training fails, Isabella and Kimi are on their own in the unfamiliar City District overrun by Shadows. Cornered and alone, Isabella is forced to defend herself, but every action has consequences, and this time those consequences unleash something worse than the pair has ever faced.

When she realizes Sharia isn't there to help, Isabella must break the rules set by the Council of Dreamers if she has any hope of surviving the coming threat, but breaking the rules could mean she loses her connection to the dreamworld and Kimi. 

Join Isabella and Kimi in their latest adventure into the dreamworld in book three of the Dreamweaver Diaries and immerse yourself in a world beyond your dreams. In this dark fantasy series, perfect for readers looking to discover a world where anything is possible, survival isn't only about what you can do, it's about who you can trust.

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The Lost


Some things that are lost should stay that way.


After juvie, Marissa Hail lived a hard life, even before her brother and his friends went missing in the woods. When one of the missing kids shows up driving her brother's truck, covered in blood, the threads of her already frayed life unravel. 


When people in town begin acting aggressively, Marissa and a defrocked priest fighting his own demons are all that stand between freedom and enslavement. Can two individuals from the fringes of society save the very people who shunned them? Should they even bother?


Craving a book that will make your skin crawl? Search no further. The Lost, book one of The Second Coming trilogy, is perfect for the horror enthusiast looking for complex, flawed people facing a malevolent supernatural threat. Pick up your copy today and begin the adventure.



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The Conditions We Live


The Conditions We Live proves that life is messy and gorgeous. From poem to poem, Johnson builds a loose narrative of growing up in modern society, a landscape where we must navigate the gray areas of morality. Johnson hones in on a fractured world with the hopes of discovering solace.

We piled ourselves,

five stones, three-part in the box.

We stood and watched, nothing happened

in the box before us, holding the last of a generation.





When a young man finds himself in that awkward stage between middle and high school, a difficult time for anyone, he begins to understand what it means to find yourself in the modern world. Between navigating life both in school and online, his family begins to crumble around him, and everything he once relied on becomes everything he fears. As the struggles at home and school pile up, he begins to lose the few things he has left until he feels there is nothing left to lose. 


When he thinks he’s lost everything, the only things left are self-destructive urges. When he finds his father’s pain pills, he thinks he finds a way out of his own pain. Instead, he discovers that when everything looks like the end, if you hold on just a little longer, you might just find a new beginning.


Transitions explores some very difficult topics such as bullying, teen and adult addiction, abusive relationships, and suicide. But it also explores the depths of love and support that surround us even when we think we’re alone, leading to the conclusion that even in the darkest moments of our lives there is a way back to the light.

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